Exam Results: Part 1

I have survived my first week back at school after a two week long holiday. I’ve fallen asleep multiple times in class because: a) some were really boring, and b) my body was still functioning on holiday mode. 

Needless to say that I received some of my exam results back. For this to be properly understood, I need to explain the German marking system first.

The German marking system uses the numbers 1 to 6, with 1 being the highest and 6 being the lowest. The numbers usually come with a +, a - or nothing at all. A German ‘1’ (sehr gut) is about the equivalent of high to middle A. A German ‘2’ (gut) is around a low A to a high B, a German ‘3’ (befriedigend) is a middle to low B, a ‘4’ (ausreichend) is about a C, a ‘5’ (mangelhaft) a D and ‘6’ (ungenugend) an E. 

I need at least a 4- in German, Chemistry, Spanish, Maths and English. The other classes, I don’t really give a shit what I get, since I’m not planning on continuing them anyway.

Please keep in mind that I am an extremely lazy student. I don’t like school, and I wag too many classes for my own good. So to get a 4- in an exam in a language which isn’t my mother tongue is already a miracle.

Exams in Germany (Klausuren) are crazier than they are in Australia as well. In Germany, no matter what the subject is, you will write. A lot. There’s no such thing as multiple choice tests, true or false, or matching. You’re given a question about two lines long, and you’re supposed to answer it with a short essay. The number of questions range from 2 to 4. We were given 90 minutes to write the exams, and boy did I need every minute.

So, back to the results.

Deutsch. Ah, the German language. I came in late to this test. I had to take this exam in the first two periods on a Wednesday. The exact Wednesday when it started to snow where I live, in the middle of March. And as always, Deutsche Bahn didn’t know how to cope with it. So I was stuck in my bus for over an hour in what was supposed to be a 30 minute bus ride, and the U-Bahn that I needed to take to school was about 15 minutes late. So you can imagine how well that went down.

But anyway, I finished the exam. I got a little extra time at the end, since about a quarter of the class came in late. There were only two questions, I read the book, I studied (erm, a bit). I had a generally good feeling.

The result? I got a 3. Minus. 

Spanisch. Spanish is easily my favourite subject. Well, aside from English. I had an overall good feeling about the exam. We were allowed to use dictionaries, I understood the question and I was able to write a fair bit in response. In Spanish. I was pretty proud. Looking back after exam week, I thought that was my best Klausur. And I was right. I got a 1. I got the best mark in the class, although everyone’s been doing Spanish longer than I was. Hell yes.

Geschichte. Here it comes - the exam I didn’t really give a shit about. History is actually one of my favourite classes in Australia, but I have the most boring teacher ever and we’re studying the most horrible topic. We received this letter written in the 1100’s or something, and we were supposed to answer questions over the letter. The result? I got a 6. I got 8 points out of a possible 120. Well, I didn’t really try, to be honest. I sat there about 60% of the time chipping nail polish off my fingernails. I only bothered doing one question from the four we were supposed to, and it was only worth 10 points. And like the smart child that I am, I wrote down on my paper that I didn’t understand the other questions. 

The teacher was nice and let it slip. She’s going to give me extra credit work instead to make up for my fail. But yep, I have failed an exam for the first time in my life. And I didn’t give a shit. Perks of being an exchange student.

Mathe. Here it comes, the Maths exam. It wasn’t too bad when I took it (obviously I couldn’t answer all of the questions, but I worked out quite a chunk of them) but as we were about to get the results I was on full panic mode. I hate Maths with a passion, but I am under any circumstance not allowed to fail Maths. Ever. The joys of having a Maths teacher for a mother.

And someone must be up there somewhere because my prayers have been answered and I received a 3+.I was so happy I wanted to sob tears of joy. Given that I only studied the night before, got a friend of mine to explain another topic during a free period (*cough* “”free”” *cough*) and had no idea what I was doing 289% of the time, I did pretty goddamn good. And I got a 2+ in class participation. Oh yes, that’s right. *happy dance*

I am yet to do my English oral exam (it’s on Wednesday) and my Chemistry teacher has been sick the whole week so I haven’t gotten my Chemistry exam back (this one I’m really worried about, good that I haven’t gotten it back yet). So hopefully those two will go well. 

Exam week: Success. Mostly.

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